View of the Tamarindo Estates
          from the sea

NOTICE: Tamarindo Estates is pleased to offer rental apartments in Culebra, but it is not in the transportation or ferry business. It is the sole responsibility of our guests to arrange for their own transportation from the main island of Puerto Rico to Culebra, and to arrive in a timely manner for check in. For those who can afford to fly, we recommend the use of the airlines as a more timely and hassle-free way to get transported from mainland Puerto Rico to Culebra. Check-ins at Tamarindo Estates are not done after 6:30PM, and thus the 7:00PM boat from Fajardo is not feasible.

Tamarindo Estates is not involved with the operation of the ticket sales website nor endorsing its use and user assumes all risks of use. This hyperlink is offered for  reference only. Tamarindo Estates  will not be responsable for any loss or inconvenience caused by the use of the website, nor by the cancellation of or delay in any airplane, ferry or boat trip, nor by a change in their schedule or the un-timeliness of the transportation system.

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