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Touring Tamarindo Estates

Main road
Drive from the airport towards Flamenco beach and make a left turn into the recently paved Tamarindo Estates road.

......in less than 2 minutes you will be entering the beautiful grounds of Tamarindo Estates..

...... Tamarindo Estates is a haven in a secluded spot for discerning people who prefer serene vacations, far from crowds.
Tamarindo Bay beach
...... to your right just before you reach the grounds of Tamarindo Estates you may enjoy the pristine and calm waters of Tamarindo beach -- on the Luis Peņa Channel Marine Reserve..

Driving into the Estates
......and in less than a minute you will be entering Tamarindo Estates
Entering the Estates
Entering Tamarindo Estates
Entering the Estates
Once in the resort, you will first see our  office in the background
Office building
The office building

As you approach the office building you make a left turn, and drive uphill towards the rental apartments.....

rental cottages
In this building you will find three one-br apts. on the first and three on the second floor.
Rental Villa
This building is one of the villas, which contains three one-br apartments, surrounded by our year-round  flourishing tropical plant life. ...
Living-kitchen area of cottages
This is a typical living-kitchen area of our one-br apartments. This area is equipped with a refrigerator-freezer, microwave oven, electric cooktop, sink, coffee maker and the cooking and eating utensils.
typical kitchen area

Typical bedroom
Typical bedroom
Office buildingTrail to beach area
Again starting the tour from the office
building, you take the southwesterly road to get to the beautiful snorkeling beach area.
Beach house, Marine
                    Reserve in the background
Tamarindo Estates' beach-house, with the Marine Reserve in the background.
entering the beach
 As you enter the Estates' beach area,  the beach-house is to the left.  For your comfort, there are toilet facilities in the beach-house.
the beach-house
The beach-house, for the exclusive use of Tamarindo Estates' guests, is a good place to hang out, bring your own lunch, read a book,  or sit and enjoy the view of our private snorkeling beach.
Fish by the reef
Fish by the Tamarindo Reef
Guests swimming with turtle at Tamarindo Estates
Guests swimming with turtle at the Tamarindo Estates Reef
view from beach-house
The Luis Peņa Channel Marine Reserve as seen from the Tamarindo beach-house. Tamarindo Estates is the only inn or resort on Culebra's Marine Reserve. For walk-in snorkeling right off a beach, Tamarindo Estates is the right spot in Culebra.
Marine Reserve
                  as seen from beach-house
Luis Peņa Cay on the background as seen from the Tamarindo beach-house. 
kayaking on Culebra's
                    Marine Reserve
Do easy kayaking on the Luis Peņa Channel Marine Reserve.  You could cross over to the Luis Peņa Cay, in the background -  a popular sport for the more adventurous. Or take a water taxi to the cay.
sundown at Tamarindo
Sunset at Tamarindo
The beach house
The beach house

P. O. Box 313, Culebra, P. R. 00775, Tel. 787-742-3343

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